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About A-proofed

Your one-stop admin shop!
Why choose Us?

Why choose A-proofed.

You've read your document so many times that you don't see the mistakes.

You aren't good with grammar.

You don't have the time to check your document carefully.

You would rather be doing something else!

Why choose Us?

What I do.Proofreading, document set-up, filing systems and FAIS compliance.

I offer proofreading services for university and college students for their theses and essays.

I can provide quality proofreading and editing services, and improve the readability of all written media, including Board and Company Reports, General office documents, website copy, etc.

I can also assist corporates with setting up of documents, annual reports, brochures and newsletters.

Restaurant owners can make use of my services to ensure that their menus are perfect.

I also assist people in setting up documents and filing systems and anything admin-related which they can't find the time for.

Another aspect will be admin assistance with FAIS related matters, so as to ensure that they are FAIS compliant.

Any and all admin duties that would make your life easier!

Why choose Us?

My Mission.Personalised, thorough and reliable.

My mission is to provide my clients with the most reliable and thorough service possible. Whether you’re in the business or the academic realm, I will give you the best possible service.

About Kim

Kim Hatchuel is a perfectionist! There is simply no other way to describe her. She is a proofreader extraordinaire and is always on the lookout for any typos, misplaced apostrophes, and continuity, and is also a Word guru.

Kim’s first job was as a claims typist at an insurance company in Johannesburg. When she left to go travelling, she was the Executive PA to the General Manager. In the UK, what was supposed to be a four-week assignment turned into a four-year stretch as PA to four directors of a helicopter finance company (ask her about the time she spoke to Prince Charles' Private Secretary – the company arranged the finance for the Queen's private helicopter).

She returned to South Africa in 2003 and after a brief stint at a sports management company, joined an insurance underwriter as PA to the Chief Executive. A few years later she was promoted to Administration and Communications Manager and was in charge of internal and external communication, advertising, promotional material, as well as arranging company events. She was responsible for the "look and feel" of all documents and was in charge of the FAIS compliance of the company.

Her company, A-Proofed, was borne out of her love for proofreading in January 2015.

I have very good eyesight and can spot a mistake instantaneously! If a space was left in at the beginning of a sentence, or omitted before brackets in one sentence but not in another, I will catch it. If a name is spelled one way on page 7, and a different way on page 287, I will notice. In fact, if anyone has missed anything, I am your last hope to keep the error out of the finished product. In short, I am the key to perfection. I am very detail orientated, and not to mention – a spelling and grammar snob!

I am a member of SAFREA (Southern African Freelancers' Association)
You can find them here.

I am also a member of PEG (Professional Editors' Group)
You can find them here.

Proof-reading, document set-up & filing systems.

A-proofed Products & Services

How can I help you?

Language Editing & Proofreading

  • Theses & Dissertations
  • Print & Online Marketing
  • Website Copy
  • Company Reports
  • Restaurant Menus

Document Set-Up

  • Challenging Word Documents
  • Tables & Forms
  • Mail Merges


  • FAIS Administration
  • Filing
  • Minute taking & Transcription
  • Text Document Creation
Prospective Clients

Language Editing & Proofreading

  • University & College Students
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Website Owners
  • Companies
  • Restaurant Owners

Document Set-Up

  • PAs who need assistance with difficult documents, tables and forms and mail merges, etc.


  • Authorised Financial Service Providers
  • Companies requiring assistance with filing or setting up a system
  • Companies without minute takers

What my clients say

I believe that a case study, needs to be performed on your business, to remind others out there, what excellent service looks like. Kim, you really exceeded all my expectations. I am so proud of my final document. Your insights, language prowess and layout skill really transformed my document into a piece of art. You were there for me at all hours of the day, and put up with my eccentric personality, with all the grace and patience of a true professional

R Moosa Master's Student

Words fail...I cannot thank Kim enough for the miracle she performed literally 48hrs before my submission. Not only did she check spelling, grammar & formatting, but she also made sure that I stayed calm and focused! THANK YOU ma!

Boitumelo Motsoatsoe Master's Student - Wits University

Kim, I just love you! I mean, I love your newsletters. We are so inundated with stuff these days and your articles are like a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work. May your business grow from strength to strength.

Lindy Wilson Nu Skin

We have used Kim a number of times for proof reading client web content, and have been impressed with her attention to detail as well as her timeous delivery.

Matt Besseling Plastic Duck Armada

If you feel your document is worth reading, it’s worth being proof-read by Kim. It is clear that Kim Hatchuel is passionate about her work. She is a perfectionist and a pleasure to work with. She has helped us on numerous projects and always gives great advice on how to improve language, readability and layout. Her wide knowledge of language, grammar and punctuation makes her invaluable to any project.

Jenny van den Berg Rhymes with Orange

As the Admin Manager of my two businesses, Kim is the most clear-headed and organised person I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail and ability to see things clearly and in context make her invaluable to any business. I trust her implicitly to deliver what she commits to doing, and she always goes the extra mile. A bonus is her fabulous sense of humour and love of the work that she does.

Susan Sloan Kairos Recruitment and Kairos Dance and Yoga Studio

For the past two years Kim has assisted us with proofreading, spelling and tenses corrections etc. on our monthly newsletters. This makes a huge impact on our professionalism and we receive very positive feedback from our clients! I can highly recommend Kim and honestly, she is a huge asset to our business and part of our success!

Petri van den Berg 7th Heaven Scuba

Just sitting here preparing for a presentation and thinking how blessed I am to have met you. Thank you Kim for always proof reading boring, exciting and under pressure material, communicating so efficiently and thinking with me. You are an absolute gift to me.

Kerstin Jatho 4Seeds Consulting

KIM!!! We got 73% for the Thesis. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!

Boitumelo Motsoatsoe Wits Masters student

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